Complaints Policy

Complaints / Concerns Policy

We are committed to providing the best service available to our Residents.  Included is a commitment of service to all clients including Resident’s families, friends, visitors, support people, employees, volunteers and sub-contractors.  All Residents will be made aware of the complaints policy on their entry to service.

This procedure is based on the principles of natural justice along the guidelines issued under right 10 of the Health and Disabilities Services Consumers Code of Rights. The Code of Rights covers all aspects of the quality services but does not include complaints about which services are or are not provided.

We will facilitate the fair, simple, and timely resolution of all complaints brought to our attention.

Procedure for Making a Complaint

Any person has the right to complain in any form appropriate to them. This could be verbally or mailedto the Facility Manager on a complaint form in writing.  They can use a support person to make a complaint.  Complaints are viewed in a positive light as they are considered an opportunity for improvement.

We encourage you to make any complaints about our service to us directly in the first instance. We are committed to sort out any complaints as soon as possible and we view these as opportunities to improve our service to you.

How to make a complaint

Address the Complaint to management in the first instance or:

  1. The individual or individuals who provided the service complained of;
  2. Any person authorised to receive complaints (any staff member who will forward these to Management);
  3. Any other appropriate person such as an independent advocate or the Health and Disability Commissioner – Free Phone – 0800 11 22 33 or PO Box 1791, Auckland.
  4. Health and Disability Advocacy Service for independent advocate support can be contacted by telephoning 0800-11-22-33.

Concerns or complaints regarding the delivery of care and/or breaches of Residents’ rights will be dealt with in a sensitive, objective and professional manner. This sensitivity will give consideration to cultural and other values.

The Resident and significant others must feel secure that the Resident will not be adversely affected by exercising their rights to question the service being provided.  If you feel unable to take your complaint to us, you have the right to the free Health and Disability Advocacy service at the telephone number noted above.

The concept of ‘Open Disclosure’ will be implemented throughout all interactions with others to ensure transparency and timely communication of relevant information.

Complaints noted on an informal basis will be ‘formalised’ for the purposes of ensuring an opportunity for improvement is not lost. All complaints will be discussed at Management meetings and included on the complaints register at the time of receiving the complaint.

Formalising Informal Complaints

At times there may be minor annoyances or issues that concern a Resident, their family/whanau or a visitor.  In the event a person raises a ‘concern’ with a staff member and they do not wish to make a formal complaint, the staff member becoming aware of the ‘concern’ should complete a complaints form.

Alternatively a ‘quality improvement / corrective action’ form may be completed which will ensure the opportunity to improve service is not missed.  They should be added to the quality improvement register for implementation and evaluation.


On receiving a Complaint, we will:

  1. Acknowledge your complaint in writing within 5 working days including an apology;
  2. Investigate your complaint thoroughly, fairly and impartially;
  3. Document the investigation process;
  4. Provide you with any relevant information about the complaint.

Within 10 working days of giving written acknowledgement of your Complaint, we will:

  1. Decide whether the complaint is justified or not;
  2. Advise you if more time is needed to investigate your complaint;
  3. If further time is needed we will advise the expected time frame to complete the investigation;
  4. If more than 20 working days is required to achieve a satisfactory solution, we will advise the reasons for any delay.

If your complaint is not resolved quickly, we will inform you about the progress of your complaint at least monthly.

Once we have completed the investigation into your Complaint, we will advise you in writing of:

  1. The outcome of the complaint and any resolutions;
  2. Reasons for the decision;
  3. The appeal process if you are not satisfied with our response or investigation.
  4. All complaints are documented fully and all documentation pertaining to the complaint will be kept in the Complaints File.
  5. Confirmation will be sought from the complainant to verify satisfaction with the outcome of the complaint investigation.

Complaints made anonymously cannot be responded to individually.


DHB and HealthCert will be notified of any Health and Disability Commission related complaints or police investigations relating to Harbour View Rest Home within 24 Hours of receiving such a notification. This notification will be made by the Facility Manager in writing.

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