• How do I get an assessment to live at Harbour View Rest Home?
  • Eligibility to reside in Harbour View Rest Home must be assessed prior to entry through the assessment unit Needs Assessments Clinical Assessors at the local DHB Hospital. This can be arranged through your General Practitioner.
  • Is there always someone available to help?
  • Yes, registered Nurses are rostered on duty on every shift, with the additional support of the Facility Manager and/or Clinical Nurse Manager being on-call 24 hours a day. Registered Nurses and Caregiving Staff are at a level which provides continuity of quality care.
  • Am I eligible to get a subsidy to help pay for my fees?
  • Subsidies are available to those that meet the set criteria. (Pamphlets will be made available on request to explain the criteria and application process). We will assist you to apply and explain the subsidy process.
  • Are there activities residents of Harbour View Rest Home join in with?
  • We take an active interest in the recreation and entertainment of our Residents. We offer an extensive activities programme under the guidance of our Activities Co-ordinator. All Residents are encouraged to join in and activities change regularly.

    Each Resident is assessed individually, and their particular interests are included into the programme. Activities are arranged to cater for all levels of participation and a wide range of interests.

    The participation of residents in the Activities Programme is voluntary, however is of great importance in promoting socialisation, mental and physical stimulation and encouraging a general sense of vitality. If you have interests, please make these known so they can be included in the program where possible.
  • Do residents get the opportunity to go on outings?
  • Yes, regular outings are arranged by the Activities Co-ordinator. We have a broad range of outings to cater for all levels of interest Eg. Garden visits, afternoon tea. Residents are comfortably accommodated in a purpose-built van.

    Residents are encouraged to keep contact with family and friends outside Harbour View Rest Home. Please let us know before you go out in case there is medication that needs to be taken during your absence. You are requested to sign out in the book in Reception. This is a safety requirement. We need to know when a Resident is going out of the facility and what time. Please let staff know if you would like a meal kept.
  • How do you ensure Harbour View Rest home residents get adequate exercise?
  • All Residents will be encouraged to join in the regular exercise programme. Residents will be encouraged to take daily walks inside and outside the building to maintain your strength. This is part of our fall’s prevention programme.
Assistance with Daily Living
  • Will staff assist me with daily living requirements at Harbour View Rest Home?
  • Yes, all Residents will be assisted with showering, toileting and dressing as required.
Dependency of Residents
  • Can I stay at Harbour View Rest Home if I become more dependent?
  • Harbour View Rest Home will care for confused Residents as long as they do not interrupt the smooth running of the facility for other Residents and their safety can be maintained. Harbour View Rest Home has a complete mix of Residents from those who drive cars to those who require palliative level of care.
  • What happens if the resident’s health deteriorates?
  • The Resident may stay in this facility as long as it is appropriate. This depends on the nursing care required. Referral for reassessment may occur if the Resident is deemed to need a level of care we are not certified to provide.
Call Bells
  • What if I need help?
  • Please ring your Call Bell and a staff member will come and help you day or night. Residents can ring the Call Bell at any time.Call bells are conveniently situated in all bedrooms, toilets, showers, and lounges. The call bells have extended cords where necessary to accommodate comfort. We also have sensor mats available to those who need them.
  • When and where do residents have breakfast?
  • Most Residents get breakfast in bed. Residents can choose to get up and have breakfast in the dining room at 7:30am. You may stay in your dressing gown if you choose to. Residents in the King George Unit have their breakfast in their dining room at 8am.
  • What’s the food like at Harbour View Rest Home?
  • The meals are of a consistently high standard. This is reflected in feedback at Resident’s meetings and on Residents Surveys. The main meal of the day is served at 12 midday which includes a main course and dessert. Tea is served at 5:00pm consisting of Soup with fresh bread, a light main dish and fresh fruit. If any meal does not suit, please let Kitchen Staff know. They are only too happy to discuss food preferences with the Residents.

    Morning and afternoon tea are served in the lounges at 10:00am and 2:30pm. Friends and family are welcome to share this with you. Supper is served around your rooms at 7:00pm.

    Beverages are offered with all meals. Cups of tea are available to Residents at any time. Residents are surveyed from time to time to ascertain your perception of the meal service. The results of these surveys are then integrated into our Quality Improvement programme.
  • Are dietary needs catered for?
  • Yes, special Dietary needs are catered for.
  • What time is bedtime?
  • When it suits you.
  • Who keeps tabs on my medication?
  • This is over-seen by your Registered Nurse in conjunction with the Doctor and Pharmacist. There are special Drug Charts drawn up for each Resident and your medication will be reviewed by your doctor at least three-monthly.
    Trained staff will ensure you receive your medication at the appropriate times. Please ensure you advise of any known allergies with the Registered Nurse.
  • When and how do I pay for any extras?
  • Resident accounts are sent out monthly for any incidentals. We would prefer these are kept in credit by paying them in advance. Subsidised Residents get a fortnightly allowance from their Super, this is credited into their bank account by Work and Income New Zealand.
  • What happens if I run out of money to pay my fees?
  • You may apply for a subsidy. Management can advise what the subsidy process is. It is advisable to do this well in advance of your money running close to the legislated threshold as processing of applications can take some time.
Alcohol and smoking
  • Is smoking permitted at Harbour View Rest Home?
  • No, Harbour View Rest Home is a NON-SMOKING residential care facility.
  • Is drinking alcohol permitted at Harbour View?
  • Residents can have a drink; however, this is monitored where medically required. We have drinks at Happy Hour weekly and on some special social occasions. Entertainment is often provided at these times. We have many social events throughout the year.
  • Can my pet move in with me?
  • In special instances, we may be able to take a pet. This needs to be discussed with Management prior to admission. Harbour View does have a bird aviary in the Dementia Unit, a house cat Tiggey and a Jack Russell called Chorkee.
Keeping warm
  • Can I use an electric blanket or hot water bottle?
  • Electric blankets and hot water bottles are not permitted as a means to ensure Resident safety. All rooms are heated by thermostatic control to ensure the preference of the Residents is achieved and staff monitor these to ensure comfort needs are met.
  • Can I have a TV in my room?
  • Plasma or LED / LCD televisions may be placed in your room provided they are of a size that can be accommodated on a solid base i.e. 14-32 inch screen. The television must not pose a hazard to Residents or staff and written approval must be obtained from the Facility Manager prior to flat screen televisions being mounted on walls.

    Where permission is granted, the cost of installation will be met by the Resident, along with any ongoing maintenance and cost of removal. Installation must be completed by a Registered Electrician. Removal will include restoration of the wall to its former condition, which will include plastering and re-painting.
  • How can I make telephone calls?
  • There are two Resident’s telephones provided. They are situated in the front foyer and the back hallway by the lounge. We can also arrange for a telephone to be installed in your room. If you have a lot of calls in or out, it is suggested you install your own phone to prevent congesting the Resident line for long periods.
Personal Items
  • Can I bring my personal items along with me to Harbour View Rest Home?
  • It is important that you arrange your own insurance to cover items that are owned by the Resident or brought into Harbour View Rest Home for personal use. Residents are encouraged to bring as many personal items as possible. Television, radio, pictures and items of furniture. We try to make our home your home.
  • Can family and friends visit me?
  • Yes, visitors are welcome at any time. If visiting at night please ring the front door bell, as these doors are locked for security reasons. To prevent cross contamination to our Residents, we ask that you refrain from visiting if you are suffering from an illness that may be contagious i.e.; influenza, recent diarrhoea or vomiting.
  • How do I get my spiritual needs met?
  • We have multi-denominational services on a fortnightly basis and communion on a monthly basis.
Personal care items
  • Are personal care items included in the fee?
  • No, toothpaste, shampoo and soap and other personal care items for individual use are not included in the fee. Emergency toiletry items are available and will be charged to the Resident’s account.
  • Can I keep seeing my regular doctor?
  • You may keep your own Doctor or use our House Doctor.
    If the Resident or relative calls the Doctor outside regular hours or for emergency visits, the Resident will be responsible for the fee.
  • Who covers transport costs?
  • Access to therapeutic services and activities in the community occur on an ongoing basis however, Residents may be asked to pay for transport to some appointments.

    Transport to appointments will be arranged with family members or friends. In an emergency, transport will be provided. Transport to activities within the activity programme is also provided.

    Emergency ambulance services are not included in the fee. Where they are required because of an accident, the cost of the service is covered by ACC.

  • How can I get things posted?
  • This can be posted by handing it in to the office or given to the Activities Co-Ordinator. This is a courtesy service however we do not guarantee the mail will be posted the same day.
  • How can I get bits and pieces from the shop?
  • Residents are encouraged to go out with family or friends. Please tell a staff member when going out and on your return. This is a safety requirement. We have a shop trolley that goes around weekly which supplies treats and other things as requested.
  • Can I access a podiatrist if necessary?
  • A Podiatrist visits 6-weekly or more regularly if required. There is a cost for this service.
  • Can I access a physiotherapist if necessary?
  • A Physiotherapist will be arranged should the need occur. Staff are all educated in appropriate moving and handling and transfer techniques.
  • Who will take care of my laundry?
  • Laundry and ironing are done at no extra charge. This service includes due care being taken every day with woollens garments that need handwashing. However, we would advise for family to wash any hand knitted jerseys, cardigans etc and/or any other wool items. Dry-cleaning can be arranged for collecting and return. The cost of dry-cleaning is met by the Resident.
  • Can I access library books?
  • Yes, the local Library supplies Harbour View Rest Home with access to an interesting variety of books each month. You may borrow these books at any time. Please arrange with the Activities Co-ordinator.
    Harbour View also has its own library in the Rest Home lounge.
  • How do I get my hair done:
  • A hairdresser is on site most days Monday to Friday. If you would like to use your own hairdresser while residing in Harbour View Rest Home, please feel free to do so. Our hairdresser cuts all Residents hair for a reasonable charge, plus other services Eg: perms, shampoo and sets etc.
Interpreter Services
  • Can I access Interpreter Services?
  • We aim for each Resident to have full understanding, within their potential, of events in Harbour View Rest Home and issues related to their care, therefore we are able to access Interpreter services where there is an actual or perceived need. If a language barrier is evident please do not hesitate to discuss this with Management.
  • How do you deal with concerns or complaints?
  • We recognise complaints as an opportunity to improve service so we remind you to voice your concerns directly to any staff member on the premises. We welcome suggestions for improvement which may be written and put in the letter box in Reception. A written complaints procedure is by the notice board. This can be anonymous if you wish. There is also a brochure from the Health and Disability Service advising of Consumer Rights at the front entrance.

    The Facility Manager’s door is always open to discuss any problem during week hours. The Facility Manager may be contacted after hours for emergency or major concerns regarding Resident welfare and wellbeing.

    We have monthly Resident’s meetings to jointly discuss any problems that may have arisen and any upcoming events of interest. We ask that issues around other Residents which may become known, remain confidential.

View our Complaints / Concerns Procedure and Code of Rights.